The Bells of West Midtown

A stage-musical version of the holiday movie favorite, It’s a Wonderful Life, was created, called Miracle in Bedford Falls. A friend told us, “The production numbers have the quality we are used to seeing on Broadway, but the love songs are way better than normal.” Our friend was fortunate to land the Jimmy Stewart role of George Bailey. Story goes that the actor cast as the angel Clarence, the one who shows George the error of his thinking when he’s backed into a corner, withdrew from the cast just days before opening.

“Our new Clarence was a woman from the chorus. She stepped up and knocked it out of the park,” our friend told us. “Her performance was such that none of us will ever forget the line, ‘Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.’”

Success from seemingly nowhere is a kind of Christmas paradigm, and perhaps a fitting one for the powerful value that has arisen among the Atlanta townhomes of the Westside. The built environment from the age of industry in Atlanta has been transformed into some of the most sought-after of all townhomes in Atlanta.

The Westside Provisions District

The Westside Provisions District is one sparkling example. Upper Westside Atlanta homes for sale have, for years, counted as an asset their proximity to this triumphant example of mixed-use, live-work-play properties. Right now, holiday shopping, entertaining, and celebrating have brought their extra measures of brilliance to this favorite haunt of Westsiders.

From Ann Mashburn to the West Egg Café – and at practically every letter of the alphabet between – the District rewards the casual stroll, the browse, or even the purposeful, last-minute mission that comes with the holiday season.

Where a Magic Carpet Awaits

There’s no reasonable limit to the Atlanta holiday enjoyment you can reach on a moment’s notice because the Interlock, among the most sought-after collections of Atlanta townhomes, offers 800 parking spots on six sheltered levels, plus a robust ride-share spot on Interlock Avenue. As a result, the wonders of the holiday season at the High Museum and the Alliance Theatre are just ten minutes due east.

At the Alliance, an annual Atlanta holiday event, the performance of A Christmas Carol, is showing now through December 24. Curtain is 7:30 p.m. on weeknights, 8 p.m. on weekends, and a 2:30 p.m. matinee is offered on Saturdays and Sundays.

And especially for the children, the Alliance Theatre also presents Knock, Knock, a floor-by-floor adventure in how families in an apartment building celebrate and share the joys and lessons of their holidays. Knock, Knock is performed in the Selig Family Black Box Theatre, with child-friendly curtain times, through 23.

As our actor friend found in Bedford Falls, the holiday bells work magic, even for the cool. It is another lesson of the Interlock, some say the epitome of Westside living – just call us at 404-566-9820 or find out more at

First look: Townhomes at social hub Interlock are coming to market

Mixed-use district's Monte Hewett residences will set buyers back at least $680K

Alongside a growing slate of restaurants, Atlanta’s first Puttshack, the sleek Bellyard hotel, and 350 Windsor-branded apartments, the Interlock is gearing up to add its first for-sale residences soon.

Who is Monte Hewett?

Monte Hewett offers 25 years of thoughtful experience to the industry of home building. Launching his career in 1998, Monte Hewett came to Atlanta to establish a local division of the Texas-based Highland Homes. He then spent several years curating the blueprint for his own business, and in 2002, built 'Monte Hewett Homes,’ that would later become 'Monte Hewett' in 2020: a title that holistically embodies the most genuine representation of himself through his brand. Monte Hewett has hand crafted over 30 of Atlanta’s most adored neighborhoods since making a start in the early 2000s. Masterfully curated to feel sensible, seamless and inviting, Monte Hewett homes are designed to be a place that feels like home in a highly desirable, culturally infused community. 

With Monte at the helm, Monte Hewett has successfully evolved through the years from that of construction, to a process much more comprehensive; Monte Hewett places a major importance on building inspired places that nurture meaningful connections. Monte Hewett is a brand with meaning and purpose beyond that of just home building, and this is evident in the life and leadership of Monte himself.

Monte Hewett places emphasis on the value of design, authenticity, details, and home. The design is intended to create an inspired place that expresses a collective meaning. The ideas, materials, and choices that are true to form and place ensure its authenticity. All the while, paying close attention to the details: minute elements that carry out the big idea of a place. And thus, a home is created; a Monte Hewett home is a place where you can be yourself, be grounded, and move out from. 

Your home is not ordinary, it is not simply a structure over your head. It is a feeling that flows from the inside out, and Monte Hewett builds homes that are meant to be enjoyed. For more information about Monte Hewett, visit